March 2009


Silent Night

I have no net access at home and I’ve been feeling lazy—something about moving does that.

Suffice it to say, my furniture is in the new place and, as of this writing, I am about 80% unpacked. I have all my clothing to put away, and a lot of dishes to wash. I expect to be finished by tomorrow afternoon. In the morning I should get ‘net access at home, which will be swell!

Tonight I am spending time at my friends’ place, watching Das perfekte Dinner, hanging out with the cats, and generally relaxing. (British Equivalent of TV Show: Come Dine With Me.)

Earlier today, I was walking from my friends’ place over to my place and I passed one of the local high schools—which I quickly realized was having a lunch break. About a block away, but still within sight of the high school, on one of the corners was a group of smelly teens—it was the smoking corner.

Gag Me.

Back when I worked at the finest restaurant at Denver’s old airport (The Signature Room), I had to work around smoke (that would never happen today!), and although I dislike cigarettes in general, I came to detest one particular element of the cigarette smoke. After describing it to my then coworkers, I learned that the odor I especially hate is the burning glue that keeps cigarettes rolled.

Meanwhile, just in case things continue to be hectic, I will be off to The Netherlands Sunday. I’m going by way of Hannover—spending a night there in order to meet a new colleague, and then continuing onward.

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