March 2009


Forgetting how odd I am…

Sometimes it is brought home to me exactly how different my view of the world is compared to most other people.

Wheres the Crisco?

Where's the Crisco?

And because I like to talk about it, my latest obsession, I’m going to start off with “Santa with a Butt Plug”.

I live in some kind of world where this is, I am almost afraid to confess, “normal”.

Today I realized that I inhabit a community, population 1.

It’s a world consisting of people able to recognize a butt plug when they see it, can discuss porn without embarrassment, and am willing to label random strangers walking down the street as “gay” – all without a second thought, unless it is to laugh like crazy.

Really one must laugh at the thought of Santa Claus with a butt plug—how could one possibly take it seriously? Unless, of course, you are one of the taxpayers who put out 260,000€–in which case one might be actually upset with justification.

Oh wait! I actually have gone a step further than I perhaps meant to go with that last thought. The fact is that the people I know in Germany either don’t know what a butt plug is or don’t want to admit that they know what a butt plug is. I tend to believe the former as multiple German residents told me that they did not recognize the object in Santa’s hand. I guess I live in a world where I expect people to instantly recognize a butt plug no matter what the context.

What does that say about me?

Am I that big a freak?

4 comments to Forgetting how odd I am…

  • I recognized it immediately, but didn’t say anything because everyone else had already made the same guess. Still, I find it amusing that this would be displayed openly in Europe, but in the states they would likely fine the artist for indecency.

  • jen

    Sparky and I live in that world too as I’m pretty sure a large number of your readers do.

    However, I would never ever expect to see a bronze statue of a Santa holding butt plugs. Love it.

  • Don’t ya just love this world we live in?

  • jen

    dude, i saw the buttplug too. wow. that is massive.