March 2009


Another Perspective

My 10 o’clock appointment was cancelled today—so I was left twiddling my thumbs—the big project of the moment was at home, I was at the office, and so I started surfing—off to a wiki to get educated.

I learned the following:

Public school students in America have these characteristics:

  • 30% fail to graduate from high school
  • Nearly 70% leave high school unqualified to go on to four-year college.
  • 77% have used illicit drugs. Fatal overdoses are common but underreported; public schools are required to present drug “education” to kids
  • More than 60% of public school teenagers (in one regional study) watch more than 3 hours of television a day, compared with a national average of 35%
  • One in three teen girls in the United States is estimated to get pregnant at least once before age 20. XXXAbout 10% of the girls become pregnant in a typical school; about half have abortions, and about half give birth; public schools “educate” kids about sex
  • “About 160,000 students miss school daily because they fear being bullied,” and in Hawaii students viciously fight each other and post videos of it on Youtube.com.
  • 20% go on dangerous “binge drinking,” and 50% drink illegally
  • 10-20% become addicted to cigarettes
  • 35% are overweight
  • Nearly 10% have mental health problems
  • More than 10% of public high schools have a pro-homosexual student club

The source? Conservapedia on Public Schools.

Oh yes, and “Homosexual indoctrination is common as early as elementary school in more liberal states.”

8 comments to Another Perspective

  • I might believe one or two of those statistics (IE the overweight kids), but I think I would trust Wikipedia more… at least there EVERYONE is able to edit things, not just the conservatives.

    Is there a liberal equivalent to conservapedia?

  • Ed

    Recently on Jay Leno, Reese Witherspoon brought signs back from Germany: Ausfarht which she said meant exit and einfarht which is enter. They both found them to be hilarious.

  • Just remember: There are no gay people in Sorta’ Cosmopolitan. Or at least, that’s what one of my grad students told me. Obviously, I am *not* in one of those liberal states that indoctrinates our children.


    I’m with CQ: Is there a liberalpedia?

  • @Disenchanted: Do you live in Iran or Sorta’ Cosmo?

    The person that told you this didn’t insist you wear a veil and call them President, did they?

  • I guess this explains the allure of home schooling, where the kiddies get to learn how awful those queers really are, the fairy tale of the big sky giant and 2 + 2 = 6 if you really it to.

  • Ed

    Oh Joy! Rapture! your random header image is of the Trustle! The railroad bridge that spans Richland Creek here in my own native land. How beautiful!

  • 20% go on dangerous “binge drinking,” and 50% drink illegally

    So…50% of kids in public schools drink legally?

    How do they manage that?

  • @CQ: I think the liberal equivalent, roughly speaking, is Wikipedia–where articles are edited for a NPOV–Wikipedia ain’t perfect, but it does strive for scientific accuracy where it matters.

    @Ian: Home Schooling is the best! Imagine what I would teach my kids–if I had kids.

    @cliff: Not sure, but the teen pregnancy numbers are equally perplexing, if you want to give them a once over.