March 2009



Today I invited somebody from the States over to my apartment for an afternoon of fun—fixing the washing machine, cooking dinner, and watching television.

Step 1 was seemingly easy until the machine decided it wasn’t fixed. The hole in the leaky hose was fixed with a new hose—but then when I turned on the machine, water came out the front, through the soap drawer. Something is clearly wrong and I need a professional.

Step 2 was interspersed with Step 3. We had a relatively simple meal of rice with chicken fixed out of a frozen bag. For dessert I melted some chocolate, mixed it with some sugar and then we dipped strawberries. I wish I could report excellent results, but I think I put in too much sugar and it ended up being a bit too gritty to be really good. I based it off of my brownie recipe, leaving out the eggs and flour—and substituting in margarine because my guest is allergic to milk—and carries an EpiPen in case she goes into shock. It makes my lactose intolerance look mild

Step 3—well, that involves my complete assurance that the United States is generating some of the best television out there. After 50 years of mostly producing crap suddenly the States is coming out with some awesome stuff—stuff that could put the BBC to shame.

Our evening was punctuated with a sudden violent windstorm that blew through town—as I write this in my bedroom, I can report that a light coating of hail-like stuff has built-up at the bottom of my window (the window is in the roof). It’s actually quite pleasant listening to the pitter patter of the sleet fall.

Meanwhile I was in for a surprise when I entered from the living room—during the violent wind, the pressures had caused the wall panel covering my attic storage space off of the bedroom to blow off and it was lying on my bedroom floor.

I turned on the heat and am about to snuggle under the covers—it’s been a great evening.

2 comments to Weather!

  • koko

    you have more than one friend with food allergies that carries an epipen? neato! i’m not alone!:D

  • J

    Your wind storm was only sudden? We had it most of the day.

    It started raining here around 17:00 and is still doing so. We had ten minutes of hail (and complete whiteness) at 19:05 – literally after I walked in the door (on rare occasions, my unintentional timing is good).

    I agree with your twitter post – winter’s return is most definitely unwelcome.