April 2009


Chica’s a Superstar

Inside/Outside at Galerie Eigenheim

Inside/Outside at Galerie Eigenheim

Friday night, after a busy morning of working and a long afternoon playing Weimar Tour Guide, I kicked up my heals and relaxed by heading to the Bauhausler Superstars exhibit at Galerie Eigenheim.

I got there a bit on the early side, but I was joined by ArtisticWorkColleague—a poet, photographer, and painter. Where I am unable to trust most of my opinions about art (My general rule: if its something I could do, it’s either bad art or not art at all), he’s able to express opinions about art beyond “I like it” and “I hate it”.

Opinions peppered with phrases like “You can feel the depth in this painting”—giving me the impression that either he knows what he’s talking about, or he’s mastered the linguistic bullshit required to successfully navigate the world of high art. I tend to suspect the former.

We were there because Chica’s a Superstar—with her art on display in the gallery. I’m not clear if I can post a photo of her work here (and I don’t think I have any photos of it anymore, I sent them all to her and then deleted them from my computer), but it’s nice. For this particular show she taped up the room—literally from the floor up, with masking tape, covering everything—including the sink.

It’s not art I could easily transport home, but it was fun.

ArtisticWorkColleague and I talked for awhile and looked at paintings—and ultimately we both ended up wanting to take home work by the same artist, Enrico Freitag, a Thüringen native, whose art focuses on the elderly (by lucky chance, my colleague struck up a conversation with Enrico). I fell for the painting featuring three men on a park bench, under a tree, reading the morning newspapers. It was a very pleasant picture, and I sort of hope that one day I can lead that life—going out and reading the paper in the company of friends.

Assuming, of course, that newspapers still exist in 35 years.

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