April 2009


Candle Burning

Honestly, I’m somebody who needs eight hours of sleep—a full eight hours every night, or I slowly start being less functional. One night with 6 hours and I’m ok; two nights and I can’t focus the third afternoon; three nights and I start showing signs of insanity.

It’s been the kind of week where my sleeping hours have slowly gotten away from me. Last night I went to be sometime after 11, and got up shortly before 7. The problem comes at both ends—I go to bed late because I’m staying awake doing stuff—last night was a party. I get up early because my body is used to the alarm going off at 6:23, even when I know I have allotted more time for sleeping, like this morning when the alarm was actually set for 7:23.

Which brings me to this afternoon—I’d left the office early because I wasn’t being productive and because I needed to go grocery shopping or else I would starve.

No Joke: Sunday is Easter, and in Germany this means it is a long-weekend. The supermarkets are closed on Friday, Sunday, and Monday. I realize that leaves Thursday and Saturday to do shopping, but Saturday is out due to plans that start at 8am and last until 2, or perhaps later—a variable I am unwilling to risk. Thursday is problematic because I may or may not have plans covering the entire day—although I certainly have plans that will keep me busy from 8 until 9:30 or 10. My other plans might start at 10 or might start at 1, or might not start at all—but as J points out, shopping on Easter Thursday Sucks.

Happily the supermarket wasn’t a zoo today, and I picked up some pure ground beef, a couple chicken breasts, some appropriate condiments, and a few other things.

However one I got home and had put away the perishables, I found myself being pulled toward bed.

I took what had to be a three-hour nap.

Did I mention that I’m feeling pretty sprightly right now?

Anybody want to go for a walk?

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  • disenchanted

    I’m right there with you, re: candle burning. I think that’s why my cold got so bad!!! I tell you though, I am going to finish as much work as possible today (re: my big presentation) so I can sleep all day on Friday and grade all day on Saturday. The Coach is going to his mom’s house, so I’ll have time to just be.

    And screw it, I’m taking Easter off! I might even cook a fancy meal.