April 2009


Travel Planning

Ideas from Craigslist!

Is anyone hosting near the Mart?: Prefer married men. Drop me a note if you can host.

Saugatuk tea after hours: Tues night after hours. You and your friend were going inside after store was closed about 10:00. You stopped to lock door behind you and we looked each other over. You were tall, slender and wore a white hoodie. I’m not much of a tea drinker. But if you’d want me to, I could be one.

Halsted str. hook up: we spent some time together today (tuesday) from around 6:30-7pm at an adult bookstore on halsted—–enjoyed myself very much and wouldnt mind doing it again..and then some hopefully…

wanted to swap numbers or atleast give you mine– and i did end up getting a ticket..but it was worth it haha

never done that before—-very discrete–and just looking for a buddy. totally casual, nsa, just liked what i saw. alot.

7 comments to Travel Planning

  • Are you telling us that your preferred method of guy contact is seedy movie stalls at bookstores? OK, probably not. I never found that method of hooking-up attractive in the least just because of the risk factors associated with it.

    I suppose the Craig’s list guys are at least bluntly honest about wanting someone to touch their Joe Camel. I can have some respect for that.

  • When are you planning to be in Chicago?

  • IUMike

    I may know the guy in Saugatuck 🙂 Its only about an hour and a half drive from me…I take it you are planning a trip to Chicago?

  • jen

    you’re so adorable.

  • @CQ: I am making no claims about my preferred methodologies.

    @Jerry Faust: End of this month.

    @IUMike: Chicago. I didn’t realize Saugatuck is in Michigan, i thought it was a store name in Chicago, especially since I found this in the Chicago missed connections section.

    @Jen: Thanks!

  • IUMike

    Saugatuck is where the Chicago gays go for a beach weekend…its an artist colony and probably the most gay-friendly spot in Michigan.

  • remember that scandal a year or so ago where the guy posted as a girl on craigslist and then started collecting email addresses of the married men that contacted him- and then posted them to the internet? wow- the guy had death threats but i can’t decide if it is seriously funny or flagrant entrapment. both.