April 2009


Awesome Weekend

Honestly, if I woke up tomorrow and there was a half-meter of snow on the ground, I would be sad, but I would have no cause for complaint because this weekend was wonderful.

The weather could not have been better and everything I did went swimmingly well and was excessively enjoyable.

Quite frankly, it was so enjoyable it ought to be illegal.

Friday I woke up and headed to the Weimar Office where I worked for several hours—It might have been Good Friday, a legal holiday, but I’ve been behind on work (in no part thanks to my minor cold a week ago), so I had to get to work. Sometime after lunch a friend told me that he would join me for movie and dinner at my place, so I had to speed back to clean the apartment—no great problem, I opened the windows, vacuumed, did some quick scrubbing and the place was ship shape. For dinner I made my pizza—the one that I keep making: crust from scratch, pesto sauce from a jar, grated feta cheese, red onions and chopped black olives. It came out well and went with Juno.

Saturday, which was not technically a holiday, was the day that I helped a friend move—I was picked up at 9, filled a van and took furniture to Leipzig, where the process was reversed. The day went swimmingly well—after we had lunch in Erfut at Café del Sol, did some quick minor shopping, and closed with a coffee at the Weimar Office. In the evening I took a walk and watched TV.

Sunday, I had work to do—my deadlines know no holidays, so I went down to the Weimar Office, ate breakfast and plowed through some work—it went very quickly and I actually finished before I had to head toward the train station, where I met my PseudoWife and her friend. After dropping stuff at my apartment, we took a lengthy walk, out in to the countryside near my apartment and then back into town. We ended up at a city center biergarten, where we ate light snacks, before stopping by one of the open bakeries and slowly wandering back to my place. After that we watched TV, and sort of ate dinner in reverse: Dessert, Main course, and appetizers: cake from the bakery, chicken with vegetables, and later chips and dip. The films, About a Boy and Camp, were awesome.

As was the video that the girls introduced me to: Life is Life.

Overnight, whilst the girls were sleeping, I jumped out my bedroom window in order to work one of my part-time jobs: Pizza Delivery Boy and Stork. Apparently the message was received.

Today, the last day of the weekend, was great—we slept in—I was tired from delivering the Pizza Baby. Eventually we made our way down to the Weimar Office, where we had breakfast. Unfortunately the girls had to leave, but I spent the afternoon walking through town exploring the park and listening to podcasts and enjoying the sunshine. I came home in the mid-afternoon when I did a load of laundry, took a nap, and read a book. About dinner time I decided to go check out what might become my Weimar Balcony—I lack a balcony on my apartment, which is actually fine with me, and about a 10 minute walk from my apartment is a biergarten with a fantastic view over the countryside.

Seriously, at every point of the weekend, the weather was perfect. I was wearing shorts and sandals at every point—except while moving, when I wore shoes in case I dropped something.

Honestly, it might be better if it was rainy tomorrow. It might make reentry into the office easier.

Meanwhile, look for me in your dreams.

1 comment to Awesome Weekend

  • It was beautiful, wasn’t it?
    Oh by the way… how about delivering me one of your homemade pizzas… um, no baby though, OK?