April 2009


I Key Uh

Tonight I popped over to Ikea in order to buy window shades (fail) and a lamp for my reading nook (success).

This being a trip to Ikea, I ended up buying candles (I begged my friend to get me out of the candle department), a present for a colleague, ice cube trays, and, in a stroke of luck, a set of sheets from the spares department for only 8€.

I also bought two bottles of jam and a bag of frozen Swedish meatballs.

Oh yes, and I ate an Ikea Hot Dog.

6 comments to I Key Uh

  • G

    I love Ikea with a passion that you cannot know: for their play area. And as of last week both my girls can be left there!
    And the candles (and book cases, which follow me home) of course.

  • J

    I haven’t had/used/wanted ice cube trays since I lived in the US.

    Candles? Not for me.

    I also have a hot dog (with breaded onions and ketchup) when I go to Ikea (about 4 times a year).

  • disenchanted

    Breaded onions? Now that’s something I’ve never heard of.

    • They’re basically deep fat friend onions that are cooled, smashed to bits, and then served on the hot dog fixin’s bar. I think they are the traditional part of the green bean dish served at Thanksgiving.

  • I have always looked at those meatballs but never bought them. Do they taste good? How do you prepare them?

    • I believe that in addition to microwaving them, one can also bake them. I imagine that one could also fry them in oil. I tend to view them as late night snacks, so I microwave five or six when I have late night munchies.