April 2009


Another Ten-Year Anniversary

From October 1998 through July 1999, I managed to have all three of the places I’d been lucky enough to call home drug through the mud.

I’ve already talked about the tenth anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s murder—which took Laramie, Wyoming, and made it a buzz word for hate and homophobia.

Today, April 20, was the day that my birthplace of Denver got nailed in the global media when 13 students and teachers at Columbine High School were killed by two of their fellow students in a bloody rampage. To be honest, April 20th is just an awful day in history—a day that Germans really try to ignore.

I could talk about the implications of Columbine, but I don’t think I’m the person to do it. Rather it’s a moment of reflection—and wonder.

The third ten-year anniversary comes up on the Fourth of July.

3 comments to Another Ten-Year Anniversary

  • J

    My question is has the US made any progress on gun control since Columbine. As far as I can tell, they haven’t.

  • disenchanted

    I must have been channeling you earlier this evening because I was telling The Coach about this very TQE fact — and that was before I read the blog entry.

  • @J: You ask a slightly different question from me–I would frame it as asking, Has the US made progress in preventing another Columbine from happening? In some areas yes, but in most areas, no. Certainly the world hasn’t learned either–see Germany.

    @disenchanted: You know me too well.