May 2009


When You Least Expect It.

Honestly I should have expected it, but PseudoWife, her RealHusband, and I were on our third museum of the day before it happened.

We met at 11 Saturday morning on the steps of Weimar’s Neues Museum—one of five stops on the Bauhaus at 90 / 2009 Spring Tour of Weimar. After a brief debate (None […]

Life’s Better Here

My last years living in Colorado and Wyoming, US West, the local Baby Bell, had a series of ads featuring the slogan, “Life’s Better Here”. I really liked the ads—there was something really ephemeral and wonderful about them.

After moving to Indiana, I quickly learned that despite all the gripes about US West’s quality of […]

Gay For Obama

Ok, I buried it in the previous post, but I’m reading a variety of blogs and legitimate news sources that keep telling me that Obama is a bad president—with some going so far as to say,

I decided today that I’m officially anti-Obama. (Ragan Fox, Poet)

I’m tired of this anti-Obama rhetoric based solely on […]


I’ve been contemplating history of late.

There’s been so much interaction with history in my life, of late, that I could spew out on the subject for hours, uninterrupted. Naturally I would probably be repetitive, but there are a lot of cross-thematic links that have been mentally cropping up of late.

Buchenwald and Heart Mountain […]

Two Bakery Photos

I took both of the photos today–one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. One made me grouchy and angry, the other amused me.

The driver of this car, WE EV 37, this morning was too important and in too big a rush to park in an actual parking […]

Allergy Attack

My allergies have been slowly ramping up the last few weeks—until today when they accelerated in an effort to make my life completely miserable.

Runny nose, itchy eyes, rough throat—about the only thing I’m missing are hives—and here’s to hoping those stay away.

Home, Happy!

I’m back from Berlin and a self-imposed vacation from blogging—I even only wrote one thing on my laptop and it was more cathartic than meant for actual publication—although it might appear in an alternate form in a few weeks.

Berlin is growing on me—now that I avoid (for the most part) the touristy areas of […]

Holiday Season!

It’s that time of year.

Ascension, Whit Monday, and Corpus Christi fall in rapid fire over the next few weeks.

Three days that in my American-Life weren’t even on my calendar are days off in Germany.


Tomorrow is Ascension, a day that in Thüringen, and probably other parts of Germany, turns into Men’s […]

Five Against One

I seriously believed that I could pull it off—but as I was squeezing the tube of toothpaste it occurred to me that just maybe it was time again for another one-man show.

Yes, it’s May again.

Time to buff the wood, shake hands with shorty, and wind the jack-in-the-box. So as I was pondering this, […]

Eurovision Surprise

Yesterday was a great day—all of it, no part greater, though, than the evening when I met a few friends, had dinner, and watched Eurovision at home-safer for me than going to Moscow with Russia’s gay rights record this weekend: People Arrested, See Photos, and Mayor calls Pride Parades Satanic! .

Meanwhile, focusing on the […]