May 2009


Random Notes

From a Burger Kings Kids Meal!

From a Burger King's Kid's Meal!

Beam Me Up: For now Burger King is winning my business—I’ve collected three of the Star Trek figures: Young Spock, Old Spock, and Captain Kirk. Sorry PapaScott, but this trend will continue for at least a week—although truth be told, the competition to Burger King in Weimar’s city center isn’t McDonald’s, its all the Döner shops.

Cleaning Up: Friends are coming over Saturday night to watch the Eurovision Finals with me—Europe’s Favorite TV Show! I’ve started cleaning—putting away clean dishes, washing the dirty ones and vacuuming. I’ve even started scrubbing the bathroom so that all will be spotless. Yesterday I even did laundry, and although I feared I had too much for one load, it all fit in, with space to spare.

Black and Blue: I’ve never really bruised—so Wednesday morning when I banged my toe on the bathtub I thought it would merely hurt—and it did, all day. When I took off my sock in the evening, my middle toe was genuinely black and blue! I’ve never actually experience this before and it’s kind of gross and kind of fascinating at the same time. My sister says green and yellow is next.

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  • My recent visit marks the first to Europe where I wasn’t there for Eurovision. Enjoy the show!

    Your toe – Your sister is correct. Let’s hope you didn’t break it. I was at the local river swimming hole here a few summers ago and stubbed my toe on a boulder. It hurt like hell, and it wouldn’t surprise me if I broke it. If yours starts to be a good indicator of changing weather, then you’ll know if it was broken or not.

  • As long as you’re going to BK only for the toys, I guess that can be forgiven. 🙂

    BTW I find it’s particularly queer to combine Eurovision and laundry in the same paragraph.

  • disenchanted

    Awh, hell, even if he broke his toe, there’s not much he can do for it. I broke a few in my time (diving board accident, ouch).

  • So, you didn’t need my son after all or did you borrow another child to get the Trek mates?? 🙂

    Hope you toe feels better! That must have smarted!

  • @CQ: The black and purple is going away–it’s not really being replaced by yellow or green…. the area is merely slowly reducing in size.

    @Scott: I’m an odd duck, what can I say. In retrospect I should have rethought what a wrote a bit.

    @disenchanted: ack! it’s healing, I hope… it seems fine now and its not painful.

    @Yelli: I’m over the embarrassment of being 35 and ordering a Kid’s Meal. Want to join me at BK?

  • […] purchases while travelling is the tile I bought in Turkey last summer—but I can also see my 5 Burger King Star Trek dolls and a cookie cutter that are decorative from where I sit right […]