June 2009


Missed Connections

These are recent missed connections from a future destination, with minor modifications. If you already know the city, don’t spoil the guessing game for the rest of the readers…

Dude shirtless in elevator going to pool – m4m – 26 (Lakeshore and Tell Me)

I was going to work this morning about 9am, still half asleep when the elevator doors opened in a our condo and you were there in just shorts with a towel around your shoulder. I had to ask if the elevator was going down and then spent the whole time staring at your body. If the elevator wasn’t so full of people I would have made a comment. When do you usually hit the pool?

Girl with the pink suitcase this morning – 23 (bus & streetcars)

We got on 3 consecutive buses/streetcars together.

You joked(?) I was stalking you but I really was just trying to get home! If I was looking, it’s because I thought you were pretty. I was kinda embarrassed so I didn’t say anything.

Hope you got home safe.

cute guy on front – m4m (Front St.)

you were wearing a blue suit, exchanged a couple glances, email me if your interested in meeting up.

Chris from The Park a couple of weeks ago – m4m – 33

We met at Queens Park at around 11 – 11:30pm a couple of weeks ago on a weekday. You were sitting at a picnic table. You’ve got dark hair, a bit of facial hair, and had on dark skater shoes. We went back to my place. Sorry I didn’t get your number. Hit me back here.

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