June 2009


Been Lethargic

I’m not really sure what to say, but after getting back from Canada, I basically crashed and slept from Wednesday until Monday, save for the time I went to the office, the Zoo, take baths, eat, and do a load of laundry.

I have no clue what happened to me, but I was exhausted—and no sooner did I get home from whatever took me out of the house than I would get into bed, read a couple pages of my Canadian books, and then promptly fall asleep.

Even whilst I was at the zoo with Chica+1, I was tired. I was awake enough to enjoy it and vow a return trip, but I was tired. After getting home, I forced myself to stay awake for a little while and then I got into bed and crashed—able to ignore the music from some nearby party.

I think I really finally felt awake Monday morning—by which point I had fallen behind on work pretty far and I’ve been focused on getting caught up, which has, apparently, drained me of blogging creativity.

There are things I want to blog about—and I have started mentally composing them, but nothing is at my fingertips. I was just reminded (thanks Ian) that a certain holiday is upcoming, so I think I will save some special things for that day—which will actually be a good day for it.

Beyond that, the longest days of the year have, at least in Weimar, been cloudy—so the impact has been lessened—although Tuesday morning it was considerably brighter at 4am than it was at 7am, when I got on the train. The clouds had rolled in—and the weather forecast continues to be dark for the few days. I must not forget my umbrella.

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