June 2009


Wheel Relaxation

One thing that I oft overlook in my day-to-day life is the happy rhythm of the wheel going round and round.

It is, indeed, a great pleasure to take the short 10 minute walk from my office over to the Jena West train station, wait a few minutes for a train (depending upon my timing abilities and Die Bahn’s reliability), and then get on the train and unwind for the 15 or 21 minutes that it takes to get back to Weimar.

An ICE, not RE or RB

An ICE, not RE or RB

Sometimes, and I am usually caught unawares when it happens, I sit down and almost instantly fall asleep.

The rhythm of the wheel going round and round catches me off guard.

It’s an audible hypnotic effect: lulling me into a sleep. I usually catch myself just enough to put my arm through the strap on my bag before letting go completely. As I was doing that this afternoon, I noticed that the woman sitting across from me pulled her jacket out of her bag and was using it as a pillow.

Arriving Home

Arriving Home

Today I took the 21-minute ride back to Weimar: I vaguely remember the train stopping at Großschwabhausen. I don’t remember the train stopping at Mellingen. There was a pause at Oberweimar and then I started waking up. The woman across was showing signs of stirring. Looking around I could see at least two other people deep in brief slumber—only a few minutes were left on the train ride; everybody gets off the train in Weimar.

Disembarking I headed into the city center—Chica and I had a brief meeting planned. I was awake, refreshed, and ready to go.

The Wheel Relaxation worked its magic, yet again.

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