July 2009


Extra Happy People

Pharmacy Happy Hour

Every Wednesday and Friday, from 3-6pm, 10% off at the Pharmacy!

P.S. Call this my Funny Foto Freitag entry…


I’ve liked my current camera (it’s a Nikon Coolpix s52) since I bought it under duress last November in DC—but I never bothered to read the instruction manual and so it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I discovered the preset functions for different types of photography.

Yesterday I was in Jena’s Paradies Park […]

Macro Mode Play

Polination, in action.

I’ve been inspired by Prashanth (Flickr) to go out and play with the macro mode on my camera—and last week while hiking along an old rail-bed, I paused to reflect and to take the above photo. It’s even better in “large” format—although “original” is also an option.


Missing Rye

It’s always amazing to me how often I must remind myself that the experiences I had growing up were not the same experiences that everybody else had growing up.

Furthermore I have a gap as large as Beverly Hills in my knowledge that are laid bare whenever somebody makes a 90210 reference—never mind my pop […]

Branding too far!

Billy Boy… tea? But it's a condom company!

Spotted at a nearby gas station convience store.

Kaopectate Memories…

A couple weeks ago my PseduoWife was trying to explain to somebody here in Germany what Pepto-Bismol is—and she turned to me for an assist.

Unfortunately I was not the right person to ask because as a child my Mother was serving up Kaopectate whenever I was in a position to need it—and, as a […]

Best-Worst Article I’ve Read in YEARS!

The article below has to be the best written article I’ve read in years…

Police absorb info on string of thefts

By Brittany Shammas The State News Published: July 19, 2009

MSU police are following a flow of information regarding two leads in a series of thefts from feminine-hygiene product dispensers, MSU police […]

Sprite Anybody? (NSFW)

20 Years On: Old Soviet Military Base

News from October 1989.

A few years ago I spotted on Flickr some photographs of an old Soviet military base located near Weimar. Thursday I finally made the trek out there with a friend—he with his sophisticated film camera, me with my crappy point and shoot digital camera.

I’d show you his pictures, but […]

Le Nozze di Figaro

I know that I’ve promised a post about what I did last Thursday and I’m please to report that I’m a lot happier with the second draft.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to finish revising it (some parts need to go) and uploading the related pictures to Flickr.

PsudeoWife, her real husband, and one […]