July 2009


Kaffee Quest Continues

Some of you might remember when became annoyed my regular “Weimar Office” and declared the search for a new “Weimar Office” open.

Unfortunately I have yet to find an adequate replacement.

The key criteria for my search is the ability to work indoors since I am unwilling to work on my computer outside in the sunshine: it’s too difficult to see the screen and the odds that unwanted environmental grit will infect my computer is too great for my personal comfort.

I’ve now road-tested the two most likely replacements for the Weimar Office: the KostBar and Die Weimarer Kaffee Rösterei. Unfortunately neither are acceptable replacements.

Die Weimarer Kaffee Rösterei has the potential—it’s on Herderplatz, an attractive plaza in the heart of the city. Unfortunately the indoor seating is really uncomfortable for working. I’m actually writing this hunched over at one of its tables—my back mildly hurting. Sitting on the couch, the table was too tall, sitting on the leather chair is better, but the chair itself is somewhat uncomfortable and the table is designed more to be a slightly high coffee-table than a table where you might get work done. The menu is also somewhat limited. This coffee shop is ideal for sitting outside on the plaza, watching people, and not getting work done.

KostBar, save for two issues, is an excellent option. On the plus side the coffee is good, the service is good, and the menu changes weekly with some interesting and, relatively speaking, inexpensive items on it. It’s got a relatively decent location in the city center, but not directly in the core. There’s a lot of people watching potential: it’s on a main pedestrian path between the city center, student housing, and the Weimar Atrium. I’ve enjoyed the eye-candy offered by its location on my test visits.

Unfortunately the KostBar’s issues far outweigh the other aspects. First, it has limited seating—with only two tables. As an individual, I hate the idea of occupying half of a café’s tables if I am but one person, especially since my average stay is two or more hours. There are a number of barstool positions that I could occupy, but I do not, generally speaking, find those comfortable for work. Secondly, and perhaps fatally, it is hot. And by hot, I mean 30°C or so—sitting inside is torture on a warm day, and if its hot outside, forget it. They know it’s an issue too: there’s a fan in the café, doing its best to push the air around. I went there this morning, stepped inside, and decided I couldn’t take it, even as I wore shorts and a t-shirt.

The quest continues…

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