July 2009


Nohra Bahnhof

Yesterday I found myself, with a friend, at a train station in the middle of nearby nowhere, Germany.  At some of the stations, a mirror is placed at the end of the platform, presumably for the train driver to use—although it makes for some pretty cool photos as well.

Going toward Weimar

Going toward Weimar

Our charriot to Weimar, arriving at the station.

Our charriot to Weimar, arriving at the station.

I’ll talk about my trip to nowhere Germany in a day or two: I started writing about it today and found myself having trouble putting together something genuinely coherent about what I saw and did.  My first draft saw too many ideas put into one draft, in the wrong order.

7 comments to Nohra Bahnhof

  • disenchanted

    I really like that top picture.

  • In the shot with the approaching train, it really does look like the middle of nowhere.

  • Something is telling me I’ve been through this station, but stayed on the train. Am I correct about that?

  • Reko

    Hola, Sr. Adamo. I particularly like the sign depicting a clothespin with a big dot on top of it. Does that indicate where the locals hang their clothes to dry?

    How are you doing? I hope that you have not forgotten that you da MAN!


    P.S. I’m MOVING back to FP this coming Tuesday.

  • @disenchanted: Thanks!

    @starman: yet it’s nearby nowhere–only 5 minutes from Weimar.

    @cynical queer: given that you’ve ridden the rails 3 out of the four possibilities from Weimar, you are correct. 🙂 You did not get out of the train there….

    @Reko: It does indicate where the locals are to hang their clothes. There’s lots of laws about hanging in Germany. Just like in suburbia. (FP?! Why?)

  • Reko

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