August 2009


Not All Liszt

Despite appearances, I did not just take photos of Liszt on my walk through Weimar yesterday. Here are a few of the other highlights.

In front of the Bauhaus University Library

In the Park an der Ilm.

German's favorite food.

Apparently I'm not the only person who thinks this!

Lest […]

Liszt Lebt!

Every year Weimar holds pèlerinages—an annual Kunstfest–that is, arts festival.

The arts festival fits in: Weimar is the European Capital of Culture (1999), and anything that preserves and protects the city’s image as a center of high culture is to be endorsed and adored.

It’s three weeks of music, exhibitions, dance, literature, discussion, and film […]

On the Downside of Living Alone

Although I do not really mind being single, I do mind living alone.

Here’s the downside of living alone: I have to do everything.

Laundry: Me. Hanging wet laundry: Me Folding and putting away clean clothes: Me Going grocery shopping: Me Cooking dinner: Me Washing dishes: Me Putting away dry dishes: Me Cleaning out the […]


This game is NSFW, but if you’re at home and of age, check out this game.

Personally I max out at about 25,000 points.

I don’t see how its possible to do that much better, but the high scores are off the map!

Dutch against child who wants to “live freely”

Via the BBC / In light of the recent discussion:

Social workers in the Netherlands have taken legal action to try to stop a 13-year-old girl from sailing around the world on her own.

They want Laura Dekker to be made a ward of court, so that her parents, who support her plans, temporarily lose […]

Oh Baby!

Despite all the official statistics announcing an alarming decrease in the birthrate, Weimar seems to be full of parents pushing baby carriages around. I can think of four friends in my German context with young children or children on the way.

And since I’ve been in nostalgia mode of late, it reminded me of a […]

Old Photos of Me

I’ve been busy cleaning up the server that hosts my website and I found some old photos that I thought I’d share.

One of my strongest loves is my love of the Wyoming Cowboys. When I owned a car in the States, I got personalized license plates.

In December 2000, I […]

Unseren Hausheiligen

Thanks to Cathy for noticing the (temporary) addition of a third to the statues in Theaterplatz. For now it’s Goethe, Schiller, und Liszt.

Around Weimar

Ostentatious for Weimar

I hope nobody was hurt!

He successfully stopped people 1 out of every 4 or 5 attempts.

Summer is construction season.


Wyoming Memories: Cowboys Crying

The stereotypical Cowboy in Wyoming is, by inherent definition, the definition of hyper-masculinity.

Accordingly, these men never, ever cry.

Not once, ever, never.

Well… maybe every once in awhile—but rarely.

These are the guys who grew up on a ranch and would come to the university only to be stunned by the overwhelming selection of […]