August 2009



Last week one of my colleagues called me to let me know that the Jena Cinestar was showing Harry Potter in the original English—and Harry Potter is something that I don’t want to defile by watching in German, so we made plans to go last night.

For dinner we agreed, because of an offhand comment of mine, to meet at Jena’s Mexican restaurant, El Sombrero.

You see, I’ve wanted a burrito for a couple weeks and short of hopping on a plane to the nearest Taco Bell, I must settle for what passes as Mexican food in Germany.

The result: heartburn.

I can’t remember the last time I had heartburn, but last night, about half way through the film, it hit me, and it hit me hard. The burrito (which wasn’t folded into a burrito like shape and was filled with overcooked and heavily sauced meat) made its presence known and felt—painfully.

Since I almost never get heartburn, I don’t have anything in stock to sooth the symptoms and ease the pain.

The pain lasted until I went to bed.

That ought to teach me: Mexican Food In Europe Sucks.

5 comments to Heartburn

  • Actually, there are some pretty fair Tex-Mex restos in Paris. I always get heartburn when I eat Mexican (not to mention the runs). Except at Taco Bell. Maybe Taco Bell isn’t real Mexican?

  • >Mexican Food In Europe Sucks

    Unless the owner and the cook are American. Luckily, we have such a restaurant in the next town: http://california101.de/ The Mexican selection is far too small, but enough to satisfy cravings between US trips.

    Probably too far away for you, though…

  • Some Mexican food in the US can cause heartburn as well. Did you ever try Taco John’s when you lived in Wyoming? 😉

  • @starman1695: real mexican food treats me just fine. And Taco Bell isn’t real. I haven’t really checked Paris out–I’ve been there twice, and not for very long either time.

    @Scott: I’m envious.

    @Jerry Faust: Actually I kind of preferred Taco John to Taco Bell–when you find a good Taco John’s location you need to love it. And, I might note, it used to be based in Wyoming. I bet it still is.

  • […] From September 4-6 I’ll be down in Munich for the largest gathering of complaining German expatriates bloggers in 2009. We’ll be visiting all the best spots that Munich has to offer. I just reviewed the schedule put together by Deutschland Über Elvis, This nonAmerican Life, Jeweled Concrete, Our Feet are the Same, and Lucid in Deutschland. Happily the schedule explicitly includes the phrase “biergarten” twice, and the phrase “English Garden”—which I hope is a euphemism for “biergarten,” but probably actually has a Japanese Tea House, or something like that—Germans seem to like to call things one name (“Mexican Food”) and deliver another (“Heartburn”). […]