August 2009


Photo Uploading

I have a lot of photos that I haven’t gotten around to uploading as promptly as I should have. Today I managed to upload a few and I thought I would share three of my favorite shots out of the bunch. You can, of course, see all of my photos on my Flickr stream.

First up:

I was sitting next to this flower that was attracting a lot of butterflies—so I got out my camera and played with the macro mode—this one turned out best—its wings are beautiful.

Second up:

A couple Sundays ago I took a walk south from Weimar along the Goethewanderweg. At some point I started to want a place to sit down and rest—and just about the time this thought occurred to me, this bench appeared.


PseudoWife II and her real husband wanted to see Buchenwald—so I went with them, but while they drove to the information center and wandered the grounds, I walked the “Gedenkweg”—a path that follows the path of the railroad track into Buchenwald. This old marker shows signs of past visitors. The whole trail was interesting and difficult to walk while reflecting upon past horrors.

4 comments to Photo Uploading

  • Great pictures. I’m not the outdoor type, but I do appreciate the beauty.

  • mateo

    The butterfly is very pretty, but I really like the shot you took of the bench. It almost seems otherworldly, for some reason.

  • Prashanth

    The butterfly shot is absolutely first-class. I like the other two for their simplicity. That’s how it looks in real and that’s how u’ve captured it!…

  • @starman1695: Thanks!

    @mateo: Thanks! The bench itself was quirky. The bottom part was covered in a faux wood linoleum that was cut to the exact quirks of the tree’s edge. Somebody spent a lot of time on it.

    @Prashanth: Thanks!