September 2009


Losing Control

Seriously, I like the idea of collaborative writing, but this goes a few steps too far for me.

Meanwhile I’m on a jet plane. See you on the other side of the pond.

Personal Weather

Tuesday: High 15°C (59°F), overcast, with potential for showers in the afternoon, potentially light rain in the evening. Great potential for great conversation in the evening.

Wednesday: From early morning until evening, there will be unpredictable temperatures, but potential for uncomfortable extremes. Air recycled. Hopefully friendly flight attendants. By evening, chance of thunderstorms, 22/71.

Thursday: […]

Ready to go… and a T-Com Story

I didn’t have as perfect a weekend as I had planned—waylaid Saturday afternoon, I didn’t actually start stuffing my suitcase until Sunday.

Suffice it to say, I’ve outdone myself: 28 bars of Ritter Sport, 12 bars of specialty German soap for a sibling, 1 fragile gift for a friend, one pair of shoes, shirts, undies, […]

Das Pfand

Growing up in Colorado, I had no exposure to “deposits”—that small sum of money that paid for each can or bottle of pop. I only encountered deposits when I headed east to visit my grandparents in New York.

For my Grandmother it was religion—making sure that cans and bottles were carefully tracked and then returned […]

Officially Nuts!

Flying the flag for you.

I got my Piraten Partei flag today—it was inexpensive enough and I picked up a few buttons supporting the party.

Now I have no idea what to do with the flag in the short term—My apartment is far too above the street to make hanging it in the […]

Fall Cleaning

Right now my dining room table has piles of stuff on it.

It’s the two books I am bringing to read whilst in Wyoming, the papers indicating where I am staying, how and where I am travelling, and more, plus 28 bars of Ritter Sport chocolate for people I meet along the way.

Any leftover […]

Current Podcast Subscriptions

Which podcast next?

While I was down in München, I had pause to look at another person’s list of podcasts—which he said was a bit embarrassing because I could learn a lot about him through his list.

I immediately knew what he meant—but I’ve decided to be brave and list everything that I subscribe […]

A Meta-Post

So I’ve sort of hinted at it now and then, and after a great deal of work, usually involving cut-and-pasting, I’ve created the archives section of this website and fixed up a number of things with the main site.

The new TQE | Archives section of the site includes stuff that used to be available […]

Meine Stimme geht an …

Attracting Youthful Voters.

Next Sunday, Weimar citizens will be facing their third election of the year—it started with the local elections just after Obama’s visit in June; followed by state (Länder) elections in August, and now the Federal (Bundes) elections in September.

I have no vote in any of the elections; no vote for […]

Life *is* Random!

This has been a surprisingly busy week and weekend.

Last night I have no idea what happened, but it was something like 8:30 or 9 before I started cooking dinner—and while I was doing that I was on the phone to Denver getting some surprising information—which I would rant about, but I don’t want to […]