September 2009


Officially Nuts!

Flying the flag for you.

Flying the flag for you.

I got my Piraten Partei flag today—it was inexpensive enough and I picked up a few buttons supporting the party.

Now I have no idea what to do with the flag in the short term—My apartment is far too above the street to make hanging it in the windows helpful, and the only windows sufficiently big enough to hold the flag would really only target people passing by in helicopters.

Ah, the perils of attic living.

I’m thinking about bringing it along with me on vacation and taking some candid photos of it in places like Yellowstone—but I then have this brief notion that idiotic Americans would see the flag and imagine me to actually be a pirate, or something stupid like that, which would then get me in an extended and pointless conversation with people who might question my patriotism, my citizenship, and/or my sanity.

What to do?

6 comments to Officially Nuts!

  • I say take the flag with you, photograph it in prominent American iconic spots, and then send the photos to the Pirate Party and let them know their message went to the US. 🙂

  • Why not do something heroic and in the dark of night put it somewhere wholly inappropriate in a way which will get it photographed by the local press? 🙂

    Sorry… I’m on my third glass of a very good Cabardès and that always ends up with an over-creative imagination! 🙂

  • Cynical Queer – You could join the US Pirate Party already… I suspect the US version is doomed to insignificance since in the US it’s a winner take all system.

    Emily – I want to bring my flag home. As it happens found two preexisting hooks in my apartment that display it perfectly!

  • Anon

    Tell them you’re a member of the butt pirate party.

  • Khaled

    I’m impressed! Are you a member now?

    Despite their recent controversy surrounding the holocaust-denier member, I am still considering voting for them come Sunday. At this point it is a toss up between the Pirates and the Left(ies).

    Oh well, anyone but the CDU/Snotty Queer again…

  • mateo

    I just came back from Disneyworld…and judging by my fellow riders on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride, pirates are A-OK here in the USA! heheh