September 2009


Ready to go… and a T-Com Story

I didn’t have as perfect a weekend as I had planned—waylaid Saturday afternoon, I didn’t actually start stuffing my suitcase until Sunday.

Suffice it to say, I’ve outdone myself: 28 bars of Ritter Sport, 12 bars of specialty German soap for a sibling, 1 fragile gift for a friend, one pair of shoes, shirts, undies, socks, and assorted random items, there is still, believe it or not, space in my roll-aboard suitcase.

I haven’t actually tried lifting it yet—that’s something I will do in the morning when I flip its top down and zip it shut.

Beyond that I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time cleaning my apartment—and I’m willing to bet that I’ve missed something obvious. What, I don’t know, but I just know that it will be blazingly obvious to people who wander in whilst I am out of town.

Staying in Weimer: My Pirate Party flag.

Sure it could be fun using it as a photo prop during my trip, but it already seems at home in my apartment—there were two hooks in my rafters that were perfectly positioned for the flag, in a spot far from the deep reds that would otherwise clash with its vibrant orange.

Meanwhile, I need to thank Chica for her help with T-Com. As most of you know, I moved a few months back—within Weimar. Due to some earlier poor decisions, I was stuck with T-Com, unable to leave them for another option because I was under contract. (And as soon as I moved, the contract begun anew—I’ve learned that the most important thing one can tell T-Com, is “No”.)

The technical move went off without a hitch—seriously. Because the previous occupant did not have a landline, T-Com had to send a technician out to my apartment. He arrived on schedule, spent 5 minutes in my apartment, another 5 minutes in the basement, and my phone service was working, including the all-important DSL service.

Unfortunately the billing aspect did not go so well. The company managed to change all my bills, except one, which kept being sent to my old address and, subsequently, forwarded to my new address.

I stopped by Weimar’s T-Punkt 3 times, with the third try including Chica, to try and resolve the problem. Happily, this third time we seemed to get people who were able to probe the system and discover they couldn’t figure out the problem. They photocopied the relevant bill and sent us on our way.

Today I got another letter in the mail from T-Com: They have, apparently, as of last Friday afternoon, fixed the addressing problem for this bill.

Unfortunately they sent the letter to my old address.

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