October 2009


Caffeine & Me

This one's decaf!

I’ve known for a long time that I have issues with caffeine.

Sometimes I’ve forgotten the consequences with awful consequences—like the time I couldn’t sit still for five hours after having had two cups of regular coffee in less than an hour. Or the occasions when I’ve had cups of coffee […]

Beautiful Fall Colors in Weimar

I have to confess that I cannot remember a more spectacular fall in Weimar. The trees are the most colorful I can remember—deep, rich, honest colors.


Welcome to Fabulous Las… Jena?

Something’s been lost in translation… Las Jenas

What happens in Vegas Jena, stays in Vegas Jena!

Sie wählen die heißesten Feuerwehrmänner Thüringens!

I’ve voted for Thüringen’s hottest firemen. Three of them, actually. Here were my choices:

I really think Stephan, 22, of Gera is cute. Yeah, he's sticking his tongue out, but that's fine given the context as he's holding a cute baby!

This falls into the […]

A Window on my Computing

The current hoopla about Microsoft Windows 7 has sent me spinning into my computing history—remembering days of yore.

I realize the history of computers and me is probably boring—and I will probably refer to some computers that some of you (the younger ones) have never heard of.


Elementary School

In elementary school there was […]

A European Reminder

North America must wait another week…

Thüringens heißeste Feuerwehrmänner

One of my colleagues taking a quick spin through my vacation photos on the old blog noticed the “Fired Up” photos of Colorado’s firemen and told me about the Antenne Thüringen contest to find Thüringen’s hottest fireman; sponsored by Original Greußener Salami.

It turns out that while I might intentionally set fire to my home […]

Seen Homeward Bound

Security Theater

Manhattan at night.

Somewhere west of Frankfurt, shortly before landing.

Sign of Home: Goethe and Schiller.


Fired Up for Yummy Heroes

Rescue Me!

I thought it would be too early to pick up 2010 calendars in October, but I’m happy to report that whilst in Denver, I picked up the 2010 “Fired Up for Kids” calendar that supports the Children’s Hospital Burn Unit in Denver.

The calendar features 15 different firefighters from across Colorado […]

Random Trip Notes

I’m back in Weimar–but before I move on to life back in Germany, here are a few more travel tidbits:

Is it really an honor? On my way from the airport, I drove down a stretch of I-70 in Denver that was named after the Tuskegee Airmen. I don’t have any doubt that these individuals […]