November 2009


Learning the Hard Way…

Last spring, when I moved into my new apartment, the previous tenant gave me my two sets of keys—one I immediately attached to my personal key ring, the other I kept on his provided lanyard-style key-chain.

Personally I dislike the around lanyard key chains—but all the cool kids like to wear their keys like necklaces, […]

Failed Spam Comment

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Sugar Cookies


Seasons of…

This in America

means this in Germany

So to all the Americans: Happy Thanksgiving!

And to all the Germans: Drink lots of Glühwein!


On Quality Parenting and the Parents Television Council

In response to yesterday’s post, I received some criticism from an anonymous commenter:

Don’t trivialize what children do and don’t understand. There are some things that are family friendly and some things that aren’t – plain and simple. If you want people to respect you, you have to be a bit more open minded to […]

Parents Television Council

“Last night’s ‘American Music Awards’ broadcast was nothing short of tasteless and vulgar. Adam Lambert, the second-place finisher in last season’s ‘American Idol’ competition, chose to treat American families to simulated oral sex and other demeaning behavior.”

-Parents Television Council 23 November 2009

I dunno about you, but I don’t think that oral […]

Classic Readings

Where I was a week ago.

Without my laptop to provide me my required evening entertainment and podcast updates, last weekend I resorted to old fashioned entertainment: Reading.

Honestly, since moving to Germany I’ve read a number of books I’d never bothered to read before: 1984, Brave New World, and Catcher in the Rye.


Last Sunday: HH Fischmarkt

Rather than spend a great deal of time writing up last Sunday, it is best captured in a few photographs—with a minor explanation to lead: Hamburg is famous for its Fischmarkt—which is held either really really late Saturday night (if you are the kind of person who stays up partying all night), or really really […]

Moral Dilemma | Moralisches Dilemma: What Would You Do?

So Thursday morning, about 8:45, I was on my way to Café Laden, stopping first at my bank to get money out, when I passed a school here in Weimar. I had my ear-buds in and was listening to the CBC World News at 6 (9pm Eastern Time edition) podcast.

After crossing Sophiensiftsplatz, from the […]

Wow! HH: One Happenin’ Harbor (aka Saturday)

After going to bed at 2:30, I woke up what would normally be late for me, but in this case was actually early—something like 8 or 8:30; I’m not really sure what time, I just woke up feeling incredibly refreshed and listening to two people being quiet: Mrs. Letters Home and the little red-haired girl.