November 2009


Office Schedules

Dinner Site

Dinner Site

When I get to my real office, I am usually the second or third person there—usually at about 8:30

Today at the Rotterdam Office, I got there at 9:15 and I was the first person there. I was also the only person there, other than the secretary who gave me a key and my computer login details, until 11:55.

Needless to say, we operate on slightly different time schedules—and so tonight at dinner I started feeling tired—and we didn’t finish our main course until about 8:30 or so. We left around 10 and I am… exhausted. Usually that’s the time I’m getting into bed!

Right now I’m just winding down and getting ready for bed.

4 comments to Office Schedules

  • They might have been kind enough to warn you about their hours. Or do they think the rest of the world keeps those same hours?

  • did you have a siesta as well? having been conditioned in the american automotive industry where many of the folks were in by 7a, i find it beautiful that hours don’t generally start until closer to 9a here in the UK (exceptions, of course).

  • That sounds downright leisurely. Jealous of the time to yourself to actually get work done! BTW, if you get a chance will you buy me some salty drop (black liquorice) to bring to me the next time you come to the states? Patty brought me some from Amsterdam and it’s 10x better than the stuff they sell in Bloomington.

  • starman1695 – The thing is, I should have known–and I might point out that people in offices often forget that their hours might be radically different from other people’s.

    dave – I did. A short one before dinner. I also left the office early.

    disenchanted – I will try to pick some up for you–since it’s raining and my original plans are now busted, this should be easy.