November 2009


Parents Television Council

“Last night’s ‘American Music Awards’ broadcast was nothing short of tasteless and vulgar. Adam Lambert, the second-place finisher in last season’s ‘American Idol’ competition, chose to treat American families to simulated oral sex and other demeaning behavior.”

-Parents Television Council
23 November 2009

I dunno about you, but I don’t think that oral sex is demeaning behavior. I think there’s something magical about it… The ability to make another man focus on you and not move (well, not move too much) is pretty fucking awesome and great and, dare I say it, powerful. And since I’m hereby declaring that oral sex isn’t demeaning, that means that there is still some “other demeaning behavior” unaccounted for–I am clueless as to what it could have been.

So to the Parents Television Council, I can only say: two guys kissing is not tasteless or vulgar nor is simulated oral sex. Young children wouldn’t understand either as offensive and would assume both are part of the dance routine.

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From @disett@elmadaeu I believe @ThePTC was referencing the leashes and leather as “demeaning” not the kiss, etc. (Link)

My response: Leashes and leather aren’t demeaning @disett! @ThePTC must be a bunch of clueless and sexually repressed folk. I feel sorry for them. (Link)

It turns out that @disett works for the PTC.

The Video:

5 comments to Parents Television Council

  • Reko

    So, does this Adam guy have any DVDs?

  • Reko

    Having now seen the video, I would say the following: The song is total crap; his singing is mediocre at best; the staging is forced and cornball; the video is just plain boring. Vulgar and tasteless? well, if that’s the standard, 95% of rock and 99% of country/western and rap should be banned. Something for people to get their panties in a bunch about? hardly.

  • G

    Hmm. Haven’t watched it, don’t care, but was the AMA supposed to be family friendly? And, I don’t think simulated oral sex is suitable for family viewing. Was it after 9 and notated as for at least PG-13?
    We can’t watch any TV other than Disney and Kika with the kids because we can’t trust anything not to be hypersexualized. And Kika surprises us with its overbearing Christian elements this season.

  • Anon

    Don’t trivialize what children do and don’t understand. There are some things that are family freindly and some things that aren’t – plain and simple. If you want people to respect you, you have to be a bit more open minded to their perceptions and why they might feel that way. It doesn’t mean they’re all out to condemn you.

  • Tammy

    I loved ‘Like a Virgin’ and ‘white hot love’ when I was a kid, along with the Top Gun sound Track, ‘slippery when wet’, etc. I am pretty sure I wasn’t damaged or traumatized by the obvious sexual nature of the music or the videos that went along with them. I had no idea what the lyrics meant even though I could sing along. I seem to remember a lot of kids grabbing their crotches to Micheal Jackson songs too.

    I honestly think the whole ‘uproar’ is linked much more to homophobia (of man on man action) than it is to the ‘new’ trend of over sexual images in music.

    I have to a agree that there is nothing demeaning about oral sex – a thing of beauty if you ask me (and about every teenager in the US, I’m sure)!