December 2009


Out of 2000: the Cynical Queer Speaks…

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of these, but here comes the thoughts of the Cynical Queer on his favorite posts from my blog.

He's on the right!

For me, the travels you and I took together seem to be memorable. You always have a great way of detailing things in […]

Slowly Emerging

If I’ve been vacant from blogging and the holiday season there are two good reasons.

First I opted to stay in Germany rather than travel to see my family this year. It’s less stressful and more relaxing to visit my family at other times of the year—like October when one doesn’t have to cram events […]

Happy Christmas

Lisbon, 2005

Tacky Christmas Song

via NSFW homosuperiorblog

Trouble with the plumbing.

In case you didn’t know, last weekend Germany was cold—very cold.

Cold enough that the hot water tap in my kitchen froze Friday night and Saturday night the cold water tap in my kitchen froze.

I chalk it up to a combination of the -16C/3F temperatures and what is likely poor insulation in the walls […]

always hard 2 red

I must come out of the closet: I am a spelling and grammar Taliban.

Maybe that’s a bit too dramatic. I’m not perfect and I do take shortcuts along the way.

Ultimately my goal is to communicate ideas—and each as clear as possible.

I’ve ceded some strict middle- and high-school rules. I’m not as insistent […]

Classy Cinemas

#1 Screen

Since moving to Weimar, I’ve always known Weimar to have two movie theaters: a branch of the national theater chain, Cinestar, and a local cinema, mon ami. The former specializes in the wide Hollywood releases, the later specializes in… err… honestly I no longer remember, I think foreign films.

After a local […]

Out of 2000: The Regensbloggers

Next up in my celebration of 2,000 posts, come the favorites of Sarah and Cliff, the authors of the Regensblog. They’re great people and its been great meeting them in Bremen, Berlin, Munich, Weimar, and Regensburg.

We’re from not very exciting places in the U.S. (at least, not exciting to us). Since moving to Europe […]

Annoying Public Transport Habits

As a frequent rider of public transportation, I have two complaints—call them observations—about people and mass transit.

First, why is it that people waiting to get on buses and trains feel compelled to stand directly in front of the door? Do they really think that standing there will let them get on first or will […]

Weimarer Weihnachtsmarkt mit Schnee

Last night the first snow of the year fell. It made the Christmas Market rather pretty!

Goethe, Schiller, the Christmas Market, and Snow.

Carol Singers along Schillerstraße

Weimar's Christmas tree in Marketplatz