December 2009



It’s hard to believe, but as I write this it’s 4 pm outside and it’s dusk. It feels a lot more like 7 or 8 pm, but it’s not. It is life further north.

I hesitate what it must be like further north because at this time of year it’s hard for me to work up the enthusiasm to party late—right now I feel like settling down with a cup of hot chocolate and a mindless entertainment, snuggling under a blanket.

In fact, I might actually do that—a friend loaned me the first season of Six Feet Under (no spoilers please), a series I’ve never seen.

6 comments to Hibernation

  • Six Feet Under… A nice show about a dysfunctional funeral home family. I enjoyed the show greatly, and hope you do as well.

  • mateo

    You’ve never seen it? Well, let me tell you all about it!!! Well, OK, you can tell ME about it the next time we see each other! Heh

  • tess tickle

    You don’t have any friends.

  • Cynical Queer: Thanks! I liked the first two episodes (which is what I limited myself to for the first evening).

    mateo: Awe! I’m counting the days.

    tess tickle: Thanks for your astute observation.

  • K&I are real 6-feet-under fans, looking forward to season 2. My only regret about the rest of season 1 in contrast to the pilot is that they dropped the goofy “commercials.”

    • Strange – while watching the first episode I was trying to imagine how the commercials could last an entire series. I think they would rapidly become stupid… I think the creativity required to write them would go too far rapidly.

      Other than that, I’m enjoying the show.