December 2009


Fotografieren Verboten!!

I hope the owner of this Christmas Market Stall,
located on a public street in the center of Weimar,
doesn’t mind me putting up a picture of his bird houses.

I wasn’t the only one taking photos
of the beautiful creations!

8 comments to Fotografieren Verboten!!

  • Is the booth run by a former member of the Stasi?

    It is a nice display so I have a tough time figuring out why they would not want photographs. *shrugs*

  • disenchanted

    So pretty!

  • Never tell Adam that he’s not allowed to do something… He’ll just do it anyway.

  • Jul

    What would they do to you if they caught you photographing? Beat you over the head with wooden ornaments?

  • Reko

    Mentality left over from pre-1990, methinks.

  • The sign saying NO PHOTOS is probably to discourage would-be enterpreneurs taking shots of them to pass on to a factory in China with an order of a million knock-offs.
    Not that rip-offs would be bad for business. The next year they’d be able to market theirs as the original one and only, beware of cheap imitations! while jacking up the price.

  • Cynical Queer, Reko: Probably more paranoid idiot capitalist.

    disenchanted: If they weren’t so big, I’d buy one.

    Snooker: I’m such a bad boy.

    Jul: I suspect half the Weihnachtmarkt shoppers would leave bloodied.

    Ian: Most of the crap at the Wiehnachtmarkt does come from China — except for the Honey from Finland–but that’s overpriced.

  • koko

    WEINACHTMARKT!!! I wish I could be there 🙁