December 2009


Die Herren Dezember

A couple days ago, while whining about gay dating sites, I noted that I had three Herren Dezember watching over me.

Three fabulous gentlemen are positioned around my apartment making sure that nothing bad happens to me.

Going from left to right that’s a firefighter, a model, and a bull-rider.

The firefighter, who is stationed watching my kitchen, is Charlie and he is with Colorado’s Copper Mountain Fire Department. Not only is he welcome to come rescue me, he’s a decent guy who, when asked about his most heroic experience, was appropriately modest:

I’m not sure what my most heroic experience is.I never feel like a hero. I do remember one call where there was a rollover and a guy was pinned under his truck We were finally able to free him and I will never forget seeing his wife run to the stretcher and give him the biggest hug.

I’m sure looking forward to my Fired Up for Kids 2010 because the firefighters are, with one exception, hot.

The man in the middle is a model, or if not a model, he’s a guy in the habit of hiking nude and kneeling down to stop, think, and enjoy mother nature. He’s hanging over my staircase, almost as if he’s ready to dive down to my front door. I don’t know anything about him, and there are no clues as to who he is.

Finally, on the right, is my last Professional Bull Riders Cowboy Hunk of 2009: Paulo Crimber, who watches over my couches.

Before doing my background research for writing this post, I’ll be honest: he was the light at the end of the Cowboys Hunk calendar—there were some cute guys and there were some forgettable guys throughout 2009, and there was one month were I tore the man off the page so that I could look at an earlier month. Furthermore, before I did my background research, I was going to swoon over him and talk about what a hunk he was, and probably say some pretty silly sounding things.

Of course I have, before getting to the point: his career is over, ending sometime in 2008 when he experienced two broken necks—even before I’d purchased the calendar.

According to the news that I could find, he wasn’t expected to ride again, and apparently hasn’t—which means that the enjoyment of my final month of Cowboy Eye-Candy must be tempered by the fact that his career is over.

There isn’t anything more recent, that I could find, so I wish him a full recovery

3 comments to Die Herren Dezember

  • Too bad his career is over at such a young age.

  • Michele J

    Slightly off-topic Adam, but did you ever hear who won the “Hottest Fireman Contest” here in Thüringen? I’ve hunted high and low and can’t find it – the original link seems to be defunct now. I feel like they pretty much blew the whole thing – no followup, no benefit calender, nothing. Imagine the xmas sales they could have made – several for each firehouse, a bunch for the family and girlfriends/boyfriends, etc. Or is this just evil capitalist thinking on my part?

  • starman1695- I think relatively speaking he was pretty old for the biz–he turned pro when he was about 17 or 18, and was in it for 10 or 11 years. PBR is a pretty rough sport.

    Michele J – They did have the winners posted for awhile–and I was so disgusted with the victors that I didn’t bother to post a link when it was announced. It was the outlandish guys, for the most part, who won. The guys who were actually hot didn’t rank! There was also a video of the winner’s night with the top 10 guys live (so to speak) on stage. It’s too bad that the information was taken down–and I’m glad I saved the pictures of the really cute firefighters.