December 2009


Out of 2000: The Regensbloggers

Next up in my celebration of 2,000 posts, come the favorites of Sarah and Cliff, the authors of the Regensblog.  They’re great people and its been great meeting them in Bremen, Berlin, Munich, Weimar, and Regensburg.

We’re from not very exciting places in the U.S. (at least, not exciting to us). Since moving to Europe in 2004, we’re trying to visit as many new places as possible. We’re constantly planning new trips (booked 10 days in Turkey this week – everyone likes Turkey for Christmas). Know whom we turn to first for advice about planes and airports? That Queer Expatriate. We went to visit him about a month ago, taking advantage of the Mauerfall special fare offer, of which we learned from him — he’s really mastered the DB system, too.

We’ve met up with him over the last two years in reverse chronological order in Weimar, Munich, Berlin, Regensburg, Weimar, and Bremen, but we know that that’s a small fraction of his total travel regimen over the same time period. All of the travel that we do can be disorienting, it’s hard for us to imagine the effect it must have on him. That’s why we fell out of our pants laughing at Airport News. He didn’t write the sketch, but we’re sure glad he called our attention to it. It’s comforting to know that others can feel bewildered by their own travel adventures sometimes.

And for other kinds of comfort, if you’re not reading this at work, of course, there’s always the NSFW Game.

I’d forgotten about the Airport News segment so I thank Sarah and Cliff for reminding me of it, and now that I’ve rewatched it, it’s still funny.  The people at The Onion are amazing.  As for the NSFW Game, I’ll be playing that in a moment.

There are more of these coming over the next couple of weeks, as well as more of my usual blatherings.

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