December 2009


Slowly Emerging

If I’ve been vacant from blogging and the holiday season there are two good reasons.

First I opted to stay in Germany rather than travel to see my family this year. It’s less stressful and more relaxing to visit my family at other times of the year—like October when one doesn’t have to cram events into specific days—I could spread out the fun and not end up as a basket-case Thanksgiving night or Christmas Day. And lest you think I’m joking, the stress of Thanksgiving and Christmas days have, in the past, sent me down to the my parent’s guest bedroom in an effort to avoid the chaos—skipping dinner in an effort to calm down and relax.

Secondly, I had an urgent project dropped in my lap, and while I did find time to not work, I did work at least two or three hours every day over the last week. Most of the pieces have, by now, fallen into place—I only have one more day of massive work for the project before I let it rest for a day, do a quick review, and send it off. I’ve spent well over 5 hours on the project at the office today, and when I go home I have at least another two hours to finish putting pieces in place.

Surprisingly this means that I have no plans whatsoever for New Year’s Eve.

I’ve got several ideas that I’ll pursue Wednesday after the project is sent away.

At that point research begins. Maybe this is the time to see Chemnitz or perhaps return to Leipzig. There is, of course, the chance that I’ll end up staying in Weimar.

I’ll worry about it later.

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