December 2009


Out of 2000: the Cynical Queer Speaks…

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of these, but here comes the thoughts of the Cynical Queer on his favorite posts from my blog.

Hes on the right!

He's on the right!

For me, the travels you and I took together seem to be memorable. You always have a great way of detailing things in ways that I lack. But in South Africa I remember the post where we went to the Cape of Good Hope in that dreadful car. But what I remember is that you and I decided to have a good time and ended up posting my debut photo – the one taken out the front window of the car, and the only thing you could see of my face was the reflection in the rearview mirror, complete with my sunglasses on.

Another one is anytime you post something about us at the University of Wyoming where you feel like you need to remind me that even though all your friends knew you were gay, you were not out. LOL I always get a kick out of that. Perhaps it’s a sign my gaydar was strong even though I wasn’t out myself. Perhaps you knew I was also gay at that time as well?

Lastly, I remember when you poked fun of me about I-69 and my believing what was written on a satire site. I think you mentioned this on elmada 1000.

I know these are all me-centric, but those are my memorable ones. 🙂

More posts coming in the next couple of weeks…

1 comment to Out of 2000: the Cynical Queer Speaks…

  • Woops! Yup, I got taken in by I-69 satire. LOL At least I can poke fun at myself now, at the time I think I growled.

    I need to get into a better place so I can take another memorable trip. Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Cuba are calling me. Now I need to figure out how to get some money sourced from non-US places.