January 2010


Off Kilter.

It’s always surprising to me how the little of things can sometimes throw me off.

Take, for example, the Weimar Office.

Now I know that I bitched earlier this year, threatening to find a new Weimar Office because the incumbent was having a bad patch.

Ultimately I discovered that Weimar lacks decent competition—at least competition that I like—and I made my peace with the situation and resigned myself to the fact that every once in awhile I’d get the perfect barista and the rest of the time I’d just have to make do.

I settled back into my rhythm: On days that I work in Weimar, I sleep an extra hour, then leave the house about 8:30, show up at the coffee shop promptly at 9 and am either the first or second customer. I then settle down with a cup of coffee or two for an hour or two of work on my MacBook. The first cup is caffeinated; the second is when I go decaf.

Usually I spend somewhere between 2.5 and 3 hours at the Weimar Office before settling the bill and wandering home where I deal with the accumulated email work.

It only takes one little thing to throw me of kilter though—and it happened this past week. Monday and Tuesday were office days—I slaved away at my desk trying to get a bunch of t’s crossed and i’s dotted for my big project.

Wednesday was a Weimar Office kind of day—I had some minor aspects of the project that needed this kind of time—and so, like every other Weimar Office day, I headed down to the shop, arriving a few minutes before 9, only to discover, much to my dismay that the coffee shop was no longer opening at 9; it now opens at 10.

This changed sometime between Sunday and Wednesday—I’d known that the shop was going to open late on Sunday the 27th, but there was nothing, that I can recall, indicating the new normal opening hour of 9.

To say that I didn’t know what to do was an understatement. I must have wandered 45 minutes trying to decide where to go—ultimately settling on a coffee shop that is, in the summer, way too hot to work in.

Somehow I’m now lost. I liked working at the Weimar Office starting at 9—these are incredibly productive times. Starting at 10 is too late for me. The other options that I know of in town lack the comfortable amenable atmosphere that is conducive for my style of work—and that opens early enough to work.

The result is that I’m off kilter.

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  • Jen

    Yeah, I can definitely understand what that feels like! I get rather attached to my places and routine and when something changes it throws me off for awhile.