January 2010


Out of 2000: Pseudo Wife Speaks

My Pseudo Wife is a regular reader (but sadly leaves no comments) and I asked her to pick out those posts that stick out most in her mind as I approach my 2,000th blog entry.

I know my first entry must your post from May 17, 2009, Eurovision Surprise:

Eurovision 2009 was extremely memorable. This blog entry really captured the fantastic party you threw that night–a great mix of friends, family, and colleagues gathered in your apartment to drink Erdbeere Bowle and watch the 6 hour festival that is Eurovision. It was my first time watching the event from start to finish. I guess it would be like a visiting foreigner in the United States watching the Academy Awards–not really knowing and understanding the tradition fully but still being excited about the television special. But looking back, it wasn’t really about Eurovision at all, it was about the people that were gathered together, laughing, eating and being merry together–social connection. This entry is a great snapshot of the memories made while watching Eurovision and being in love with a Fairytale.

Secondly, May 31, 2009, stands out- When You Least Expect It:

When we first learned Goethe was behind Bauhaus. We also discovered Doppel-U, the German rap star who uses Goethe and Schiller as his muse. Since Doppel-U performs rap and is inspired by the duo, it is easy to come to the conclusion that Goethe, in fact, invented rap.

I have a few more to post, I’ll keep on posting them and before you know it, we’ll be at 2000.

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