January 2010


Best Accidental Purchase, 2009

As some of you may recall, back in October I visited Wyoming for my holiday.

While I was there, it snowed and on Saturday morning in Laramie I found that the deep snow making my feet cold, so I sought a solution: It was time to stop by one of Laramie’s rugged Western Cowboy stores and buy socks.

I ended up buying two pair of extra thick woolen socks that I could wear in my (for me) tall hiking New Balance shoes–the shoes I sort of hate but that I’d brought with me because they were better prepared for cold weather than many of my other shoes but not the winter boots I feared I wouldn’t need (oh how I regret that thought). I returned to my hotel and immediately put on one pair of the socks while saving the second for Sunday morning.

Without a doubt the two pair of socks were a great investment–I wish I’d bought more.

Sure I already have socks to wear inside my winter boots, but the socks are thin cotton ones that serve more as sock than as insulator. Instead I’m wearing my thick woolen socks that keep my feet incredibly warm.


As a measure of this, here’s one simple truth about me: when my feet change temperature rapidly, I have to stop by the restroom. This is especially true when my feet go from being cold, outside, to being warm, inside.

While wearing my thick woolen socks, I can say that my feet go from being warm outside to being warm inside and that I am no longer rushing to the restroom a predictable 5 minutes after getting back inside.

4 comments to Best Accidental Purchase, 2009

  • Pseudo Wife

    So, apparently the entire city of ATL needs your thick socks…it snowed 1 inch and EVERYTHING has closed. My work was closed due to all roads leading to the building were closed. This reaction to 1 inch of snow has shocked this Hoosier — ALL news channels demanded that one stays inside and off the roads!!! Well, apparently that is the reaction to snow–all must stay in because the city will not salt and the people won’t drive slowly 🙂 So since it looks like I’ll be walking everywhere during this “severe weather” I need those socks:)

    • One inch?

      I don’t get out my heavy socks for one inch. I get my socks out for a combination of at least 4 inches/lingering snow and temperatures far below freezing…

      Like yesterday. And today.

  • disenchanted

    Well, heck. The Coach has had two snow days … and we had (at most) 4 inches of snow. BTW, I am in ATL today and churches are closed for Sunday! I’ve been outside and there’s no snow to be found. I guess it’s just the cold.

  • God calls snow days for his churches? I wonder why he offers them to worshipers in Atlanta but not in more northern climates like… oh… Chicago.