January 2010


Favorite Disclaimer of All Time

I read several blogs that are devoted to issues of public transport which naturally includes discussion of the MTA, the public organization in charge of the New York City subways, buses, and trains.

All of the blogs are making note that on Wednesday, the MTA is going to unveil a new website.

While I’m sure that the new website will be infinitely better than the current one, it does mean that one of my favorite disclaimers will vanish from the web.

Actually it won’t, because I decided to save it here. It’s the message placed above translation flags at the bottom of pages like the NYC Transit page:

Machine translations are imperfect. This service is intended to provide basic understanding of MTA website content, but the translation is literal and may misrepresent names and idiomatic expressions.

2 comments to Favorite Disclaimer of All Time

  • Prashanth

    the most funniest ones are those which are displayed after every drug ad in US. The drug ad would say “this medicine can do miracles” and then immediately a disclaimer “results may very blah blah blah, risk factors include blah blah blah blah”…and then I think “what should I believe in?, the medicine or the disclaimer?”

  • @TQE: Spending time in the UK again? Isn’t that where you saw caution tape on stairs and an additional sign just in case you didn’t see the neon colored tape?

    @Prashanth: Ah, medical ad disclaimers. I’d half expect this one for something called Ginormowand:

    “This drug will make you smile and your male parts will be humongous and irresistible to those you wish to mate with. However, the side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding out the eyes, and death…”

    Sadly, many people will think that is acceptable risk.