January 2010


Out of 2000: Zurika

Next up in my blogging memories are the memories of Zurika!

My answers have already been taken, by Ian and others who were more diligent than I in getting their replies together. Off the top of my head I was going to say the buttplug Santa post and the crazy teabagger lady, er, girl flying the plane post. The buttplug Santa post is a favorite because I won a postcard from Adam thanks to my intricate knowledge of buttplug Santa art. I had never met Adam at that point, so it was especially novel to receive a piece of mail from him. The girl flies plane post was an interesting mix of personal memories and commentary from Adam, not-so-current event funfacts (I was living in Italy when the whole stunt went down, pre-nytimes.com, so hadn’t heard a thing about it), and batshit crazy lunatic ranting comments. What’s not to love?

I also decided to stroll through the archives a bit and re-discovered another favorite post, the one about the Creation Museum. Scary and fascinating all at once. Going to said museum is the kind of thing my sick mind would do for fun, too, so naturally I thought Adam quite cool for actually doing it.

We’re almost to 2,000!

4 comments to Out of 2000: Zurika

  • disenchanted

    How close is close???? I don’t want to miss the big event!

    • You will not miss the big event. Yours is scheduled to appear the day that I am least able to write a blog post due to time constraints.

      • disenchanted

        I have to tell you, I forgot about the buttplug Santa. That is one amusing pix, let me tell you.

  • disenchanted

    Ah, I do have to laugh about the Creation Museum. I just about drowned (is that grammatically correct?) on the damn water squirts because I couldn’t stop laughing.