January 2010


It happened!

illustrated aftermath of falling ice, including dented car.

photo by OK Copito

So the fear expressed in my previous post, came to reality–actually it came to reality many times, but at least one time there was a blogger who heard the event and photographed the aftermath!

OK Copito is a Spanish-language blog based here in Weimar–and as the author was hard at work yesterday, she he heard a noise, and thought to investigate: A block of ice had fallen off a nearby roof and onto the hood of a parked car.

Check OK Copito’s (in Spanish) “I dented the hood of your car” or via Google Translate in English for more.

9 comments to It happened!

  • Can you imagine the car owner’s face upon seeing that?
    Of course the evidence of WHAT happened is long since gone… yet you have a huge dent in your hood.

  • Hehe, I’m a “he” not a “she”. I don’t know why Google translates my blogger profile as “Female” when I’m a “Male” 😛

    And please, take whatever you need from my blog whenever you want. Your blog has been very helpful to me.

    • I should have looked at your profile in the original Spanish to see what it suggests. Then I would have gotten it right. I was actually trying to reconcile your photo with the written word and was puzzled to say the least…

  • Prashanth

    oh oh!…that would’ve hurt somebody REAL bad!!

    btw..Copito can work for an insurance agency I guess….nice recap of events there!

  • disenchanted

    Man, I’d be annoyed if that happened to my car. This is a good reminder to look up when deciding where to park.

  • Michele J

    Oh man. This was just covered in the Thüringer Allgemeine newspaper. It was more in the context of people getting hit, but basically they said the house owner is liable. Even if they put up a sign warning people, this is considered negligence (not to be construed as legal advice on my part though). From the class of car, I’m guessing they didn’t have comprehensive coverage, so they’re probably in for a rough legal ride with the house owner.

    I just narrowly missed getting hit by an estimated 100 kg of falling ice from a rooftop in downtown Erfurt so I can attest to the very real danger involved.

  • Lots of cars in Hannover area have been damage by the “Dachlawinen”. Worse yet, we had Sunday shopping last weekend and two women walking along a main shopping street downtown were struck on the head by huge chunks of falling ice. They were hurt quite badly and had to be hospitalized. Pretty scary. I’m sticking to the middle of the streets and looking up a lot until the big thaw is over.

  • mateo

    I don’t know if we had any icicle related accidents here in Bloomington (and the snow and ice is all long gone now), but a section of bricks did fall off a building downtown onto a woman. I think I’d rather chance an icicle, though its sharp point might make me reconsider.

  • At least the owner can chalk it up to the forces of nature – or just neglect on the part of the building’s owner. The other morning we brushed snow off the hood of my wife’s car to discover it covered in gold spray-paint. The vandals didn’t get any satisfaction, though. Guess they’re too stupid to realise that paint won’t stick in sub-zero weather. It scrubbed off easily with handfuls of snow.