January 2010


Out of 2000: Koko Speaks!

Here is the last of the “Out of 2000” blog series for the actual 2,000th post will arrive, barring unplanned days off, on Monday.

Today’s entry comes from Koko who I first met in January 2004 when she was a student in a class that I was teaching. She made quite the impression on me and it was clear early on that our relationship would quickly evolve from that of teacher and student to friends shortly after final grades were turned in—and it did.

Since we became friends she’s met the most amazing man, gotten married, moved a couple of times, and now is living in Indianapolis.

I love reading Adam’s blog because he always has something interesting to say about something. I like his takes on weirdoes like the airplane mom. I adore his letters to people… especially the recent one to Lugar suggesting he should switch over to the Democratic Party. However, my hands down favorite topic is reading about Adam’s travels. I love to travel and wish that I had the ability to do so but alas. I can live vicariously through Adam’s grand adventures. He’s always finding interesting paths to take and taken some fun pictures to prove it.

My favorite blog entry goes way back to May 30th, 2004 when I had the chance to travel with Adam to New Amsterdam, Indiana—population one. I remember on the drive there we trying to decide how this place would look or what it would be like. Would it be one house in the middle of a field with an old granny with a shot gun on the front porch? A ghost town? What if the only person had since died?! To be honest, I was a little worried. I had a feeling that no matter what we found, we’d be running for our lives once someone spotted “the outsiders”. It didn’t end up that way, but we certainly were not invited back.

It’s a shame that the pictures are not up anymore. I vaguely remember climbing in waist high weeds to get our pictures taken with the town sign. Maybe one day Adam will get around to finding all the old photos that go with some of the older posts. 😉


This is your last chance to buy party hats, confetti, and a cake—because on Monday I’ll be at 2,000!

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