February 2010


Focusing Focus on the Family (Action)

One of the more important, if not crazy nuts, organizations in the United States is Focus on the Family.

Focus on the Family’s goal is to help family thrive, and claims as its mission:

Focus on the Family is a global non-profit Christian organization with a vision for healing brokenness in families, communities and societies […]

My Apology to You, the Blog Reader.

Hello. And thank you for reading this post.

Many of you reading are my friends. Many of you reading this know me. Many of you have cheered for me, or worked with me, or supported me, and now, every one of you has good reason to be critical of me.

I want to say to […]

It’s small.

via Stranger Slog; and no, I still won’t visit. (sizedoesntmatter.ca)

Shocking Scene Seen Tonight!


I’ve been really busy this week, and I would tell you all about it, but it would bore you.

Well, maybe not—but for those of you in the know, nothing’s happened. At least nothing blog worthy.

Meanwhile I’m going to bed early.

Working Hard All Day and All Night

That Unfortunate Irony, Enlarged

I haven’t heard any additional reports about the car accident outside my window—although it blocked the intersection and slowed traffic for about an hour, it didn’t make the one newspaper that was checked.

At the end of my accident report I made reference to an unfortunate irony in the background of the picture. I would […]

YouTube Favorites

I owe a hat tip for the first video, but I’d rather not have anybody attack the original poster, I’ll omit the hat tip for now.

Misogyny Gone Wild, Part Three of ???

Since it appears that my efforts to engage somebody in an educational debate over misogyny have fallen flat, probably due to my aggressiveness in wanting to understand what was going on, I want to close out the current debate by making several points that I think are important.

I’ll put them below the fold because […]

Car Accident!

Just before 2 I was working on email when I heard a loud crunch and crash outside my apartment.

Immediately I knew that an accident had occurred in the intersection outside my house. From above it looked like on car (the blue one) was damage really badly but the other car (dark red), damaged side […]