February 2010


Christian Litters on US 41 in Evansville, Indiana!

The state of Indiana has special license plates that serve identify the select special few, the Christian-Patriotic-Flag wavers who are otherwise under-represented in the state.

The plate, free to those who profess belief, are easily recognizable because they have a stars and stripes motif with large text proclaiming, “In God We Trust.”

Now I’m not Christian, but one would expect the Christ-like people driving these cars to behave in Christ-like ways, but the driver of an “In God We Trust” Indiana plate, number DH 2208 (a Pontiac), failed to behave in this manner.

The trucker didn't do this.

I was on US 41 heading south at Mt. Pleasant Road at 11:56 am local (the 18:56 time stamp is German time) when I watched, in amazement, as he put the box you see next to the 18-wheeler on the ground outside his car door, and then creep forward hoping that nobody noticed.

The thing is, I did.

Let me speak directly to the driver for a moment:

Hey, asshole, America is an incredibly beautiful place—even US 41, heading south into Evansville. When you stuck your trash in the middle of the road and drove on south you demonstrated that you do not care about America and do not care about keeping the environment clean. I don’t personally believe in god, but if he does exist, I am sure that he will judge you just as harshly as I do now. In your world, you just bought a ticket to hell.

In my secular world, however, he isn’t going to hell. He just needs to live with the fact that his license plate, Indiana DH 2208, a special “In God We Trust” plate that indicates his self-professed superiority over me, is now forever on the internet with the message that he’s a litter-bug.

I hope your wife, friends, children, and fellow Christians find this and talk about you behind your back.

You hurt America, Indiana, and Evansville today.

Shame on you.

Indiana DH 2208 is a littering asshole. Shame on him.

8 comments to Christian Litters on US 41 in Evansville, Indiana!

  • I, too, am not a member of any organized religion and have serious doubts about an actual “God”. The way most Christians (or chose a religion) behave, I’d be ashamed to admit I was one of them. This is just another example.

  • 12 years ago and 2-doors less, you could have been upset with me.

    Still, doesn’t it always seem to be the ones who espouse self-righteousness that do stupid crap like this?

  • koko

    I’ve never seen anyone with In God We Trust plates that had working turn signals…or drive safely. They think their God has put a bubble around their car so they won’t crash.

  • disenchanted

    Hmmm. Maybe I should get some of those car protecting God plates, seeing how I knocked the mirror off my car this a.m. thanks to my stupidity and a stupid coal truck. would the plate have protected my car?

  • Today I watched someone park in a handicapped space at the bank, in a car with no discernible tag or placard saying they could park there. They guy that got out trotted up to the ATM without evidence of walking difficulty.

    It was all I could do to refrain from asking him if he was disabled, and if he wasn’t, why did he park there. I know many people who have a legitimate use for those parking spaces.

    Naturally the gigantic douche was driving a Lexus Tank, er… SUV.

    I wish I had my iPhone with me, I would have taken a photo and posted it to my blog with the license plate in full view.

  • disenchanted

    Oh hell, they do that all the time around here, parking in the handicapped spots. And it’s not just the douches in the urban assault vehicles, either.

  • Jen

    Applause! Applause!

  • […] in an overly snarky bitchy mood, but it seems to have come to the fore in the past week. Maybe the littering complaint was over the top, especially coming the same day as my complaint about the “real food” at Farm […]