February 2010


Atlanta’s Safe! You will not get shot here.

Shortly after emerging out of the bowels of the Atlanta airport I met up with PseudoWife and her Real Husband – and after exchanging hugs we headed out to their car—and they immediately wanted to reassure me.

By the time they finished reassuring me, I wasn’t clear if I was visiting Johannesburg, Bagdad, or some “modern” American city. They told me the city was safe as long as I stayed away from a few select areas – including a few areas where bypasses had been built so that people could safely drive around the constant barrage of gun fire.

And then they took me through the intersection where recently some poor innocent driver was shot to death, making sure to tell me how about this—I slid down in my seat, trying to keep a low profile, making sure that I wouldn’t be shot if something happened to happen.

Finally the closed out by telling me that because they lived next to a school that there were no sexual predators living in the area.

Once the paranoia was over, we headed to the Carter Center, which as Disenchanted warned me, was a bit disappointing – he’s a good man, but it’s not clear to me that the Carter Center is really that well done – although as I say that I really cannot put my finger on any one reason why that is so.

We closed out the day with a movie (35 Shots of Rum) and a trip to Disenchanted’s favorite burger restaurant in the world.

Now before I say what I thought about The Varsity, I should report her opinion:

So, you can imagine my joy when I learned that The Varsity had added a couple of locations in the outskirts of Atlanta!

The food was just as good as I remembered.

My opinion: It was nice for one meal – but I found it a bit strange how my burger seemed to be smashed shut together and glued down, with a similar look to the hot dog.

I’m glad I went—but I think tomorrow we’ll be checking out other options.

10 comments to Atlanta’s Safe! You will not get shot here.

  • disenchanted

    I think it’s what you’re raised on that influences how you feel about food. BTW, I like the shirt in that photo.

  • Jerry Faust

    I agree with Disenchanted: that’s a great shirt. 🙂

  • You’re right, the food doesn’t look very appetizing.

  • Reko

    Hey, Adamo: The photo is adorable and the shirt ROCKS (just like u).

  • Reko

    By the way, I spent a week in Atlanta back in 2001.
    … HATED IT!

  • I didn’t know you had friends in Atlanta also.

    I’m glad you’re not getting shot, beaten, sexually assaulted, or picking up e-coli. *fingers crossed*

  • disenchanted – I know what you mean. Childhood food memories can be quite powerful.

    Jerry Faust – I’m not surprised you like the shirt — and not only is it a Roots shirt, it’s one of the few actually made in Canada — with Canadian Cotton and Canadian labour.

    starman1695 – It is an acquired taste — see Disenchanted…

    Reko – I’m glad you like the photo of me… but I don’t Rock.

    Cynical Queer – I seem to have friends in strange places.

  • jen

    hey adam!

    god, i wish i had been able to see you again before you left town. it was awesome hangin’ with you and i’m sorry you had to see my son try to kill my daughter.

    thanks for all of your love and that fabulous entry dedicated to moi. i hope you are being safe and having hot and steamy fun.

    don’t forget to eat boiled peanuts while down south! and no, that ain’t no euphemism for anything.

  • http://thecrustybastard.blogspot.com/2010/02/supplies.html

    Speaking of Atlanta (but otherwise apropos of nothing), here’s something weird about their public transit system (see link above).

    Welcome back to Germany!

  • Jen – It was great seeing you. Hopefully we’ll see each other again soon!

    cliff1976 – that’s awesome. I loved it–but its probably not satire, is it?