February 2010


Car Accident!

Just before 2 I was working on email when I heard a loud crunch and crash outside my apartment.

Immediately I knew that an accident had occurred in the intersection outside my house. From above it looked like on car (the blue one) was damage really badly but the other car (dark red), damaged side away from me, looked fine—and I was really surprised when the driver of the dark red car was able to open her passenger side door without any problems what-so-ever.

Based on the damage to the blue car I would have guessed that the right side of the red car would have been severely damaged. I decided to go downstairs and take a look—the red car is being moved out of the way by a police officer in the bottom picture, but you can still see its damage—which seems relatively mild to me.

Fortunately everybody in the cars seem physically fine – there appeared to be a young child in the dark blue car and I imagine that while she’s physically fine, there are still issues to be dealt with.

There’s a bit of unfortunate irony in the bottom photograph.

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  • Michele J

    This is inexplicable to me. The front end of the BMW is totally munched, and from two sides it seems, while the Toyota or whatever it is barely got crunched. Was there another car involved, like the older light-red car? Or a hit and run?

    At first I thought the irony involved bad Apolda drivers, but then I looked at the full-res version.

    • I have no idea if there was another car involved — by the time I got to the window there were those three cars in the intersection.

      The light red car, as far as I can tell, was a concerned driver/witness checking on everybody. He moved his car and it’s in the background of the bottom photograph. No damage–and he later drove off on his own.

      I’m perplexed as to what exactly happened, but since I only heard it and did not witness it, I cannot begin to guess exactly what occurred.

  • I blame the.. oh, never mind.

  • Wow, I’m glad you were not down in the intersection when it happened. I know that ring road is busy.

    It must be accident day. As I was driving to pick up my car pool friend and go to school, I saw a bullet biked wiped out by an urban assault vehicle. As there were 15 people standing around the poor cyclist and I could see the emergency vehicles arriving, I chose not to stop and render assistance since I could only do so as far as the Good Samaritan law would allow me.

    I figured the emergency people would do better helping the cyclist than I could.

    In other news, I’m reconsidering if riding a motorcycle is a good idea. *shrugs*

  • I hate car accidents, Adam, more for the sound of metal hitting metal than anything else. I’ve been in several and know that sound. It always amazes me later how much damage there can be without people being seriously injured. I’ve been in two accidents where my car was totalled and walked out without physical damage. The only good news beyond that was that neither was my fault…if that’s any consolation. It sure does jar the nerves, however!

  • ian – 🙂

    Cynical Queer – Motorcycles can be fun, but clearly they lack the crash protection offered by automobiles. I do hope you always use your helmet though…

    Ginnie – The sound of the accident was incredibly intense, even as I couldn’t see it — as soon as I heard it I grabbed my camera and went to the one window I have where I could see out (and down — I live in the attic). I cannot describe the relief I felt when I saw both drivers and the one passenger get out of the car without any (visible) physical injuries.

    The Ability of the modern automobile to save and preserve the lives inside it is amazing — and the design of crumple zones that keep passengers safe is most impressive.

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