March 2010


Measuring School Success (in the USA)

I’m not an education expert, but I’ve long felt that education is far too important to be left to the educators.

It’s also in terrible shape due to stupid pieces of legislation like the No Child Left Behind Act which focuses on easily measurable, and consequently, totally useless skills that do not reflect the real […]

My Random List of Thoughts

This has been a busy 7 days and I’m beat.

I’ve managed to get three projects completed in the last few days, including one major project that is, for the moment, off my table, although I have no doubts that it will come back to me at some future date, but hopefully not in a […]

My Apartment: Festtafel

When I first moved into my own apartment I wanted a glass dining room table – However it was too expensive for my budget and I ended up with a cheaper than crap flat-pack dining room table that I had to assemble on my own.

That table is long gone—and as I think about […]

Sweet! I’m inside, but where is the exit?

Today I popped into Weimar’s remaining Douglas[1] to pick up some perfume.

I rarely go into the store because I rarely use cologne myself, but today I had to buy some perfume for a girl – a very specific perfume that is difficult to find under the best of circumstances and is never found in […]

I’m a little slow!

This morning I received a text message from Michele J:

I am up, coffeed and available by cell.

Unfortunately I wasn’t coffeed which led to a slightly bizarre conversation in which I talked about her being “coiffed” –telling her that hair was important.

It wasn’t until late afternoon when I happened to be going through […]

Kunst oder…?

Yesterday I forgot to include one of the more fascinating aspects of my building’s stairwell: the art in the stairwell. Or maybe it’s not. It started out in front of one of the apartments on what would be, roughly speaking, the 3rd floor. It sat there for at least six months (honestly I can’t […]

Going Down

Whenever I leave my apartment for the real world, this is what I get to see (presuming it’s light out):

View when I shut my apartment door

Detail for the top most window.

And the next window.

Fourth Floor Elevator Door Art

Third Floor Window

Third floor elevator door […]

Remember Charles Keating?

Perversion for Profit

Part 1 and then Part 2

General John Sheehan is an ignorant fool.

Dutch fury at US general’s gay theory over Srebrenica.

Glad he’s retired. I wish he was muzzled. He’s an embarrassment.

My Apologies for Silence

Sorry about the silence on my blog this week – I’ve been going through a lot of stress in my life and when this kind of stress happens I usually clam up and become uncommunicative to all but one or two people.

Right now I’m only really talking to one person who’s been burdened to […]