March 2010


General John Sheehan is an ignorant fool.

Dutch fury at US general’s gay theory over Srebrenica.

Glad he’s retired.
I wish he was muzzled.
He’s an embarrassment.

7 comments to General John Sheehan is an ignorant fool.

  • Gee, ya think?

    Frankly, I don’t know why the gay community is fighting so hard for this. If the inbred, redneck, neo-conservative straight people want to reserve the military for straight people only, so be it. Let those ignorant idiots who are so against this continue to go fight for those worthless shiny medals and ribbons and the honor of dying for the “right” to wear them.

    I’ll stay here in the US not getting shot at.

  • Yes, this is truly horrible. Srebrenica was a disaster, something which is the NATO forces should be embarrassed about. To blame all of that on gay soldiers is beyond the pale and just shows the small mindedness of this man.

    There have been scapegoats all through history and the neocons are doing their best to make this generation’s scapegoats the LGBT community. In the past, such tactics have worked, but I honestly think that this is going to backfire on them this time. That’s not to say that this characters such as Sheehan aren’t dangerous: Enough people believe their rubbish. However, more and more people aren’t falling for it and for that, I am hopeful.

    Fingers crossed!

  • By the way, that’s my senator Carl Levin vrepvresentin’.

    @Cynical Queer: why do they call you that? Just FYI, some homosexuals do feel called to serve in the military. It’s not so inconceivable.

  • Cynical Queer – Errr… your observation about gays in the military seems a bit odd to me. Personally I don’t think gays in the military is a super critical issue as I’d rather not have the limited supply of GLBT shot and killed in pointless wars, but a certain percentage want to and I imagine they’re happier in the military than out, so more more to them.

    Emily – I think that General Sheehan and his ilk are getting less and less acceptance. However the spotlight needs to be shown on assholes like him to make sure that its obvious that he’s an idiotic fool.

    cliff1976 – Sweet! A Senator to be proud of.

  • Umm… I get the impression people misread what I said. I’m all for the ignorant, inbred, “God and glory” straight people being in the military, but I don’t know why the gay community is fighting so hard to get gay people into the military.

    The past few years the US has done a pretty good job of pouring resources into a war that didn’t need need to be fought (Iraq) and not enough into the war that did (Afghanistan). Why would gay people want to be part of that organization?

    That said, I’ve been in that organization, so feel like I have a pretty good handle on what it is like to be gay and in the military, but I am by no means the spokesman for all gay people that are there.

  • Rz

    When I see or hear about stuff like this, I try to see it from their point of view. I wonder what made them think this way? What were their influences? Who did they hang out with? How many new acquaintances and experiences did they miss out on because they had decided one group of people did not fit their world? How do they manage to hold so much hate in your heart and mind? What a waste. It makes me sad for them. It makes me feel grateful that I am not them.

  • @Cynical Queer – You’re only half right when you mention pouring resources into wars that don’t need need to be fought. Neither of those wars are necessary for any reason, and both were the result of a lying President who has yet to pay for it (and knowing the American public as I do, probably will never pay). The whole point of the Afghan war was to capture Osama Bin Laden (who has been dead for several years). It was never about fighting the Taliban, a useless and senseless undertaking that the US military can never hope to “win”.