March 2010


Going Down

Whenever I leave my apartment for the real world, this is what I get to see (presuming it’s light out):

View when I shut my apartment door

Detail for the top most window.

And the next window.

Fourth Floor Elevator Door Art

Third Floor Window

Third floor elevator door art

Second Floor Window, just like the third floor.

For those of you keeping track: the elevator doesn’t stop on the second floor, and the first floor is, oddly, the ground floor–and it’s not especially picturesque, so I’ve omitted it.

9 comments to Going Down

  • Ted

    I’ll bite, why doesn’t the elevator stop on the second floor? My elevator can’t quite the reach the top floor, as you well may have noticed. Ted

    • It doesn’t stop at the 2nd floor because it’d serve apartments that can be accessed from the 3rd floor elevator stop or the main entrance. The elevators don’t stop on the same level as apartments–it’s at the half point.

      I actually live on the equivalent of the fifth floor which is well above the last stop for the elevator.

  • your home is your castle.

  • That’s a strange elevator you have there. I do, however, like the windows.

    • B.

      You have an awesome flat/building. If we don’t find a place of our own soon I might have to come crash on your sofa…

  • I don’t want to to give anything away for those who don’t know it, already, but there’s a great little sleepy nooky thing perfect for crashing there too.

  • ankiH – It is my castle! I love it.

    starman1695 – The elevator in my building is strange because it’s retrofitted into a building that wasn’t designed to have an elevator.

    B – Thanks! You’re more than welcome to come and stay; your children are old enough they won’t fall down the stairs inside the apartment.

    cliff1976 – It is a great nook — and I want to photograph it as well, but I haven’t figured out the optimal way to do it yet.

    • May I make a suggestion? How about a shot from near the floor level for that nook? Perhaps tilted up off the floor just a little bit (you have a Gorillapod, right?) would give it the right perspective.

      • That’s a really good idea.

        I need to do a little bit of staging first and it will probably wait until after Easter — unless I get motivated to do it today. However I’ve already started a couple other projects that need attention today….