March 2010


My Apartment: Festtafel

When I first moved into my own apartment I wanted a glass dining room table – However it was too expensive for my budget and I ended up with a cheaper than crap flat-pack dining room table that I had to assemble on my own.

That table is long gone—and as I think about it, I don’t know where it went. Surely I gifted it to somebody before I left Bloomington.

Now I have the glass dining room table, a gift, of my dreams and I love it, although I live in fear of breaking it.

For those of you who are curious – my apartment essentially appears the way it does in my photos the majority of the time, although usually there’s a designated space that has my current pile of miscellaneous crap. About once a week I go through the pile, recycle what needs to be recycled, trash a lot of the rest, and then move the stack to a new starting point where I add stuff I don’t know what to do with—and the cycle repeats.

The only thing I did special for this photo was buy flowers—which actually delayed the photo taking process by a week or two because I couldn’t find flowers I actually wanted to buy—although strictly speaking most of the problems weren’t with the flowers, it was whilst I was in my funk.

Some of you might be able to spot your cards on the table behind the dining room table. For everybody who’s sent me cards, thank you. They enliven my apartment!

6 comments to My Apartment: Festtafel

  • Very nice. You rich kids have all the fun.

  • Looks warm and inviting. When can we come over? 😉

  • PseudoWife

    Love the Easter Tulips! I wish I were spending Easter with you again, darling;) But then I would have missed the Palm Sunday Processional the Episcopal Church next door did around the neighborhood this morning–palms flapping and bagpipes piping.

  • koko

    Hooray for tulips!! 🙂

  • CN Heidelberg – Thanks!

    starman1695 – It was all a gift. A much appreciated gift 🙂

    yelli – Anytime I’m home, the three of you are invited. Consider it a standing invitation, although I’d appreciate a bit of warning.

    PseduoWife – I hate being away from you over the holidays, but… this is the problem with an LDR.

    koko – Thanks! Although I’ve already given them away…